Learn Normal German
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It can be a long and difficult road to learn German. 
   –  But we will show you a short cut.

Please consider that we are still in the initial stage.
There will come much more lessons.


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What will you find on our site?

Small-business24.com is designed to help you improve your business German vocabulary. We will cover a lot of subjects all about business, working in Germany, marketing, financing, accounting and more.

We will give you a dictionary of words and expressions that are likely to be encountered in business situations. If you want to use German effectively to achieve your business goals or you want to learn it because you are looking for a job in the German business world, then you have chosen the right website.

Our lessons are tailored to empower you to communicate with business partners, co-workers and customers in German. This project will start soon. That means we do not have much content at the moment. But little by little the content will grow.