German Business Vocabulary – Repetition Units

Latest Business Unit  –  Accounting (1)

Here is the link collection of all business vocabulary units we have displayed over the last few weeks:

Repetition Business Unit  –  In the office (1)

Repetition Business Unit  –  Job / Work (1)

Listen to the new words
always first (click here), but don't forget to repeat also what you have learned so far (repetitions units). Repetition is very important. But do it in small portions. The best way is to do it every day for some minutes and not all units at once at the weekend.

If you haven't listened to the words on this site yet, repeat these words every day for one week or more. After some time come back and do this lesson again.

 Try to exercise every day a little bit.
One teeny tiny minute every day is very powerful,
if you do it each and every day.


This is a very powerful method

To learn a second language, repetition is very important. And in order to speak a second language fluently you have to know the 2.000 most important words of the language. And it is also very important to exercise a second language every day.

We know from our own personal experience that practicing a foreign language every day is hard to fulfill.

But if you find a way to practice just 1-2 minutes every day, it is very effective in the long run and it will help you more than 30 minutes once a week.

So have fun and remember:
Just one teeny tiny minute every day is much more – in the long run – than 30 minutes once a week!

In order to learn a second language it is very important to learn easy words and easy sentences first. Here is a selection of the most important German words you have to know.